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The Dorset Federation of Racing Pigeon Clubs was established in 1961 and is open to fanciers whose lofts sit within the county boundries of Dorset. The federation flies East or West inland and overseas from France. 


Members of our Federation flew in The  National Flying Club, Central Southern Classic Flying Club, British Barcelona Club

and the British International Championship Club and were section winners and numerous places were taken across the county.



                                                                                                       STRAY RACING PIGEONS


please do not report stray pigeons to officers whose phone numbers are on this site, they do not have the information to help you.

The Royal Racing Pigeon Association has a stray reporting system on its website, follow the instructions REPORT A STRAY PIGEON and you will receive an email (check your spam folder!) giving you contact details of the owner.                                                             https://www.rpra.org/stray-reporting/ 







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