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                                                                                                                                John Ravenhill

                                                                                                         16th November 1939 - 9th August 2020



 John's funeral was held today at Bournemouth Crematorium. In line with Covid rules only the close family could attend the service.   Thank you to the Dorset Fanciers, and Gary Frewin, who represented John's old friends from London, who came and stood outside

 to pay their respects to John on his final journey. A very big thank you to Tony Cottrell who took the time to basket eight brightly   coloured birds, (John liked the pieds) one bird for each decade of John's life. The birds were liberated by Tony when John's coffin was   taken from the hearse and just as if they had rehearsed they went over the hearse, disappeared over the roof, turned and flew back over in a fly past, a very fitting last liberation for the man who had for so many years been the federation's race controller.  R.I.P.







The Dorset Federation of Racing Pigeon Clubs was established in 1961 and is open to fanciers whose lofts sit within the county boundries of Dorset. The federation flies East or West inland and overseas from France. 


In 2019 season our federation members flew in The  National Flying Club, Central Southern Classic, British Barcelona Club and British International Championship Club and were section winners and numerous places were taken across the county.

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