Old Bird Ave 

                   NO CHANNEL RACING 


Old Bird Inland Ave 

                      MRS JENNY MILLS   

St Leonards & St Ives RPC

O. B Continental Ave

                    NO CHANNEL RACING 


3 Longest O.B. Races

                   MRS JENNY MILLS                   

St Leonards & St Ives RPC

Charity Cup

                   NO CHARITY RACE        


Bergerac Cup



Alec Summers Trophy



Young Bird Ave

                         JOHN HALSTEAD    

Gillingham RPC

40th Year Trophy



Combined Ave



Jubilee Shield                       UPTON S.R.R.P.C.  
R/U Jubilee Shield

                ROSSMORE FLYING CLUB


Meritorious Cup 




The Alec Summers Trophy is a Silver Claret Jug donated by the family of Alec Summers in his memory, it is presented to the

winner of the first single nominated pigeon from Bergerac, which was Alec's favourite race.


The 40th Year Trophy is presented to the winner of the combined average from the first and last old bird race and

first and last young bird race. 


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